ERHA-Home Repair Program

• Requests may include repairs and/or improvements to the interior and/or exterior of the house and/or property
Priority given to repair and improvements addressing health and safety needs
• Own your own home – provide documentation from tax receipt or deed
• Must be a City resident
• Must be current on all taxes, fees, and bills owed to City prior to grant award
• First preference to applicants who have not received funding in the past. Homeowners that have received funding previously may apply during each round with funding determined after consideration of first-time applicants.
• Income Limits –80% of median household income as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for Emporia.
• Grant award maximum – Lowground Road Area – $5,000 (Streets include: Zion Boulevard, Harrje Street, Wadlow Street, Astrio Street, Clay Street, Faison Street and Turner Street)

Approved grants exceeding $5,000 will be the responsibility of the applicant/homeowner
• Grant award maximum – City-wide $500 (Approved grants exceeding $500 will be the responsibility of the applicant/homeowner)
• All applications are subject to ERHA approval and funding constraints

• Application must be filled out in its entirety
• All required documentation must accompany the application. Applications will not be accepted without documentation
• Work must be prioritized
• Verification of income for previous two months for each person listed including applicant