Mayor and City Council


The City of Emporia has the Council-Manager form of government. The governing  body, comprised of the Mayor and seven Council members, sets the policies,  budgets, and laws that direct City operations and services. City Council hires the City Manager to administer the day-to-day operations.    

City Council is made up of members from seven electoral districts. The Mayor is elected at-large.

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building located at 201 South Main Street.

Mary L. Person
                                                    201 South Main Street
                                                   Emporia, Virginia 23847
                                                         (434) 634-0380 - Home


                                                               City Council


District 1     

Carolyn S. Carey
    6510 East Atlantic Street   
       Emporia, Virginia 23847           

 (434) 634-4803 -Home     



                        District 2                                                             Carol Mercer
                        421 Carroll Street                              

                   Emporia, Virginia 23847
                   (434) 634-3880- Home


            District 3   

            James E. Ewing, III
           221 East York Drive
            Emporia, Virginia 23847
           (434) 634-0919 -Home 


District 4   

    F. Woodrow Harris
1105 West End Dr.
Emporia, Virginia 23847
                          (434)634-2725 - Home                

          District 5   

            Doris T. White

         501 Gowin Street

       Emporia, Virginia 23847

          (434)634-4085 - Home    


District 6
Dale Temple 
615 Temple Ave.
Emporia, Virginia 23847
  (434)634-2804 - Home 


                                          District 7
                                    Deborah D. Lynch

                                     308 Tillar Street             

                                Emporia, Virginia 23847
                                       (434)348-0634 -Home






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