Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is a series of instructional courses presented by the Emporia Police Department to educate local citizens on the role of law enforcement in today’s society.

Academy Instruction:
The Citizens Police Academy, held annually, is instructed by various members of the Emporia Police Department. Candidates selected for the Citizens Police Academy meet one night a week, for three hours, for twelve weeks with two, three hour, Saturday field exercises which include:

  • reception and introduction to law enforcement;
  • crime prevention and dare;
  • legal issues in law enforcement;
  • firearms safety training;
  • live fire range training;
  • criminal investigations;
  • violence in law enforcement/sexual offender training;
  • firearm training simulator(FATS);
  • EVOC- driver safety training;
  • driving range skill course;
  • basic gang training/animal control;
  • self defense/defensive police tactics;
  • patrol/communications/records;
  • graduation of CPA class

Application Process:
Thirty days prior to the beginning of the CPA, the Police Department will make applications available. Anyone interested can, at any time, call the Police Department. Space is limited to the first fifteen qualified applicants.


  • Must be a legal resident, property owner, or working in the City of Emporia
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have no felony or misdemeanor record involving moral turpitude or violent crimes
  • Have a good driving record
  • Provide positive identification (driver’s license, ID card, birth certificate, etc.)