Treasurer's Office 

City of Emporia Treasurer
William S. Harris, Jr.

Deputy Treasurer
Karen Taylor
Mark your calendar!
City of Emporia Due Dates to Remember!

January 1st City Dog Licenses are due on or before January 1st and not later than January 31st. 
March 1st Business Personal Property Returns to be filed with the Commissioner of Revenue (10% penalty after March 1st.)
March 1st City of Emporia Motor Vehicle Decals go on sale.  (Current vehicle registration and proof of paid Personal Property Tax required.) Cars & Trucks $25.00
Motorcycles $15.00
Trailers $6.50
May 1st City of Emporia Motor Vehicle Decals are due.
May 1st State Income Tax due.
May 31st Business Licenses are due.
July 1st Personal Property Tax due (Penalty and interest are applied after August 1st.)
November 1st City Dog Licenses go on sale (due January 1st).  Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Fee Per Dog $5.00
20 Dog Kennel $30.00
December 5th Real Estate Tax due (penalty and interest applied after December 5th).