Electoral Board

The State Code of Virginia, section 24.2-106 requires that each city and county shall have a three member electoral board to carry out the election duties for their jurisdiction as required by law.

Each electoral board is composed of three members who shall be appointed by a majority of the circuit judges of the judicial circuit for the county or city. If a majority of the judges cannot agree, the senior judge shall make the appointment.

Term of Office:
3 Years

As mandated by the State the electoral board shall meet during the first week in February of the year in which it is to appoint officers of election and during the month of March each year at the time set by the board. Other meetings may be held on an as-called basis.

Appointee Position Term
Robert Grizzard Chair 3-1-2014 – 3-1-2018
Wynne Legros Vice Chair 3-1-2014 – 3-1-2018
Norris Dickerson Secretary 3-1-2015 – 3-1-2019