Police Department


Entrance of Police StationThe Emporia Police was formed in 1916 and over 107 years later we are a CALEA Advanced Accredited full-service law enforcement agency, as well as a CALEA Accredited Communications Center that is committed to: reducing the incidence of crime and improving the quality of life of all citizens and visitors of the City of Emporia. On a daily basis, we strive to provide the highest quality of police service to every citizen that we come in contact with.

The Emporia Police Department is organizationally structured into four components:

  1. The Office of the Chief of Police-that consists of the Police Chief, Police Major, Administrative Assistant, Internal Affairs, Accreditation and Training;
  2. The Operations Division is commanded by a Captain and consists of two Patrol Sections and the Special Operations Section. The two Patrol Sections are supervised by Lieutenants and are the backbone of the Police Department providing 24/7 police services working 12-hour shifts. The Special Operations Section is supervised by a Lieutenant and is responsible for traffic related issues.
  3. The Support Division is commanded by a Captain and consists of the Criminal Investigations Section, which is further divided into General, and Narcotics Investigations. Finally, Animal Control Section falls under the command of the Support Division of the Police Department.
  4. The Administrative Division is commanded by the Administrative Services Manager who is responsible for Information Technology, Records and the E-911 Communications Center. The Emporia Police Department is responsible for managing and operating the E-911 Communications Center and serves as the only Public Safety Answering Point in the City of Emporia. The E-911 Communications Center is supervised by two Communications Supervisors and has eight highly-trained telecommunicators.

Police Department's Motto

Our philosophy is to be involved in our community by developing and participating in programs that enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Emporia. The Motto for the Emporia Police Department is to "Make a Difference in Someone's Life Today and Be a Positive Impact Within Our Community." If we could follow that motto and treat others the way that we would like to be treated, this world would be a better place to live.

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