Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcement of the City’s Property Maintenance Code. Additionally, the Department handles preparation, submittal and administration of community development-related grant and capital projects.

How does the Property Maintenance process work?

Once the Code Enforcement Officer becomes aware of a potential violation, an inspection is performed and the violation(s), if found, are documented. From this documentation a Notice of Violation is generated and served on the responsible party.

The Notice of Violation outlines the specific violation(s), the pertinent code sections and the required remedial action that needs to take place to remedy or abate the violations. Additionally the Notice will define a time allowance with which the responsible party has to make the outlined remedial action, as well as, inform the responsible party that they may appeal the findings of the Notice.

Why Enforce the Property Maintenance Code?

The main reason for enforcing the Property Maintenance Code, of course, is to maintain a minimum level of safety and health in existing buildings. However, enforcing these PM standards does much more. The aesthetic appearance and value of property is also maintained, which contributes to attracting new enterprise, and in turn, to the economic growth of the City as a whole.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mike Allen Code Enforcement / Facilities Mgr.