Support Division

The Support Division is commanded by Captain Jerry Wright and he is responsible for the operation and administration of the Support Division.  The Support Division consists of the Criminal Investigations Section and the Animal Control Section:

The Criminal Investigation Section divided into two areas:  General Investigations and Narcotics Investigations.  General Investigations is supervised by Lieutenant Troy Hawkins and he is assisted by Sergeant Travis Allen, Detective Robert Williams, Detective Ed Powell and Detective Cody Simmons.  Sergeant Travis Allen is also assigned to the Meherrin Drug Task Force.

Detectives of the Emporia Police Department are tasked with conducting follow-up investigations and bringing those investigations to a successful conclusion.  In addition, to working criminal investigations, detectives may be assigned background investigations on police department applicants.

The Animal Control Section is responsible for the enforcement of animal ordinances within the CIty of Emporia and the care and maintenance of the animal shelter.  The Animal Control Section consists of Senior Animal Control Officer Lewis "Joey" Turner and Shelter Attendent Madison Whitby.