Public Utilities

The Department of Public Utilities consists of Administration & Billing, Water Treatment Plant, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewage Collection.

This department has three major components – Administration, Water, and Sewer. The department is responsible for providing safe, reliable and cost efficient water and sanitary sewer services to our citizens through customer services, water production, line and pump station maintenance, and the construction of water and sewer lines and facilities as necessary. Within the water operations, there are two divisions – the Water Treatment Plant and the Water Distribution. The sewer operations consist of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Sewer Collection.

Fire Hydrant Flushing:

The Department of Public Utilities flushes the water distribution system through fire hydrants on an annual basis. At the same time the department does flow tests on the fire hydrants to collect flow data on the system to assure that the system is meeting specifications. During this time, which is usually in the spring or fall, property owners may experience some discoloration in their water. The discoloration is from a mineral called Manganese that naturally occurs in rocks and soil. Manganese settles in the distribution piping and when fire hydrants are opened the sudden flow of water will stir it up. There is no cause for alarm when this happens. You will need to run water in your bath tub and sinks for about fifteen minutes, normally this will clear the problem. If the water does not clear up call the Utilities Department and they will send someone out to try to remedy the problem.

Miss Utility

“BEFORE YOU DIG” You must call Miss Utility of Virginia (800) 552-7001 or 811. IT IS THE LAW. Miss Utility is an organization set up to mark all underground utilities (IE: Power lines, Telephone lines, Gas lines, Cable lines, etc.). This service is free to residents and other property owners. Miss Utility is regulated by the State Corporation Commission and it has become a very vital asset to the state of Virginia to help eliminate disruption to utility service. It usually takes 3 days from the time you call them before you can dig.

Water and Sewer Tap Connections

Water tap requests shall be included on a building permit application. After receipt of the building permit application, the director of public utilities will determine the size of the water tap. Only authorized city employees shall make water taps. Price information for fees and permits can be obtained from the Office of Inspections at 201 South Main Street. The phone number is (434) 634-6315.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Melvin Prince Director of Public Services (434) 634-4500
Clay Ferguson WWTP Superintendent (434) 634-5682
Jeffrey Davis WTP Superintendent (434)634-2544
Alton Mason Deputy Director of Public Services (434)634-4500