Homeowner Tips During Hydrant Flushing

  • Drivers should take extra precaution when driving near areas of flushing to avoide hydroplaning.
  • During Flushing avoid using water unless there is an emergency. Using water will pull discolored water into your homes plumbing
  • After flushing is complete in your neighborhood run your outdoor spigot before using inside plumbing. Apporximately 2-3 minutes will help reduce the chance of having discolored water in your home. If discoloration doesn;y clear up outside, don't use it inside unless you must.
  • If water discolored or cloudy inside, try running at full pressure for 2-3 minutes to clear up. Do not exceed 5 minutes or you are likely just wasting water. This means the main is likely cloudy, also.
  • Flushing can temporarily discolor water, so ensure that your water is clear before doing laundry to prevent discoloration.
  • Although discolored water is unpleasant the water is still safe as the discoloration comes from minerals, such as iron and manganese, taht are not harmful to your health.