Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Department is comprised of an Emergency Services Coordinator whose responsibility is to provide direct local assistance during emergency and disaster situations. The City maintains an Emergency Operations Plan to ensure an appropriate response to all types of disasters.

Early Warning Siren

The City of Emporia will sound the sirens if citizens need to be alerted to immediate danger. If you hear the siren alert take protective measures and tune into local radio or television stations for more information. The local warning signals will be tested on a periodic basis. The test will be preceded by advance Public notice.

Presently, the three modes of operation or signal are as follows:

  1. Fire Signal - This is a normal blast of the siren repeated three times and is used on all calls requiring the Fire Department. This signal is used more to alert the public of a fire or accident and to be watchful for firemen responding to the Fire Department or for emergency vehicles responding to an incident location.
  2. 2nd Signal - Attention or Alert Warning (Weather related or other Emergency- This is a 3 to 5-minute steady signal and will be repeated as needed. This signal is to alert the public to serious weather conditions or to turn on the radio or television and listen for essential emergency information.
  3. 3rd Signal - Attack Warning - This is a 3 to 5-minute Wavering Tone and it will be repeated as needed. This signal is to warn the public of an attack on the United States or other national emergency.

The "Attention Signal" and the "Attack Signal" can not and will not be activated unless authorized by, in order of succession, the Emergency Services Coordinator, Chief of Police, City Manager, or Mayor.


  • Preparing your Family for Emergencies/Disasters - Preparing you and your family for natural and man-made disasters and other emergencies is extremely important. Proper planning can be the difference between life and death. The Office of Emergency Management is committed to assisting you in preparing for all types of emergencies. For more information on how to prepare you and your family and essential items for your kit, visit the Virginia State Website or email Mike Rae.
  • Keep Your Pets Safe - Your pet is an important member of your family - and pets are affected by disasters, too! As you put together your family's emergency kit, don't forget your pet: Virginia State Emergency Kit