Performance Feedback

How to Make a Complaint

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Emporia Police Department with any complaint about the actions of police or civilian employees if they believe the conduct was inappropriate or violated the law.

Anyone having questions can contact the Emporia Police Department at 434-634-2121 and ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor about the complaint process.

The Complaint Process

  • Every complaint that is filed with the Department is received, reviewed and registered by the Chief of Police.
  • Complainant will receive a written communication from the Chief of Police that the Department is in receipt of the complaint.
  • The Captain will investigate all major complaints while minor complaints will be assigned to a member of the supervisory staff.
  • Investigators will interview the concerned parties and witnesses and gather the relevant information.
  • The completed investigation will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for his review.
  • When the investigation is completed, the complainant will be notified of the disposition of the complaint.

Investigation Outcomes

  • Unfounded: The investigation indicates the allegation is false or the action did not include a police employee.
  • Exonerated: The investigation indicates that the incident occurred, but the employee's behavior was lawful and proper.
  • Not Sustained: The investigation indicates that there is sufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Sustained: The investigation indicates that the allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable conclusion of guilt.

When a complaint against an employee is classified as a sustained complaint, the investigation is forwarded to the Chief of Police for the appropriate action. Discipline for infractions can occur in the following manner:

  • Training
  • Counseling
  • Oral Reprimand
  • Written Reprimand
  • Placed on Probationary Status
  • Disciplinary Transfer
  • Suspension from Duty
  • Dismissal from Employment
  • Criminal Prosecution